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How Can Seniors Tell They Might Be Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease?

Spotting the signs of Alzheimer’s disease quickly can be the first step in getting a family member the help they need.
Alzheimer's Care in Las Vegas NV

Alzheimer’s disease is a complicated and progressive illness. Often seniors don’t realize that they’re experiencing cognitive changes related to Alzheimer’s disease until years after it’s started. Recognizing some of the signs that aging adults are experiencing changes in how their brains function can help them get Alzheimer’s care sooner than they might have otherwise.

Trouble with Problem-solving

Solving problems and making plans is an important cognitive function. If seniors are suddenly having trouble with this, that’s something that needs to be checked out. What this might look like is seniors having trouble organizing simple items or solving simple problems that normally wouldn’t be an issue.

Memory Loss

Memory issues are a sign that most people tend to look for when they’re worried about Alzheimer’s or dementia. Some degree of memory loss is a normal part of life. When it’s a problem is when seniors repeatedly ask the same questions or forget information they just learned. If they’re also having trouble recalling familiar information, that could also be a sign of trouble.

Losing Track of Time

Time is something that can be very difficult for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Seniors in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease might start to become disoriented about time. This can lead to them missing appointments or becoming confused about schedules.

Trouble with Familiar Tasks

Because of how Alzheimer’s disease changes the way the brain works, seniors may find that they suddenly have trouble completing tasks that are familiar and that they’ve done thousands of times before. Simple activities may become far more difficult. Cleaning, cooking, or getting dressed may require the help of home care providers, simply because those tasks have become too difficult.

Difficulty with Conversations

Many people don’t realize that difficulties with communication can be a sign of Alzheimer’s, too. Seniors may find that it’s difficult to follow along with conversations. Or they might have difficulty interpreting nonverbal cues and social interactions. This can be frustrating and can make seniors feel isolated and lonely.

Misplacing Items

Forgetting items can be a common problem for all sorts of people, even without Alzheimer’s disease. But seniors with Alzheimer’s might find that they’re losing items more often and can’t retrace their steps to remind them where they last saw the item in question. Sometimes those items might show up again in really unusual spots.

Exhibiting Poor Judgement

Another surprising symptom of Alzheimer’s disease can be when seniors start displaying changes in how they make decisions. They might start to engage in riskier behaviors or make choices that they probably wouldn’t have made in the past. This can affect their relationships as well as their ability to complete daily activities.

Social Withdrawal

Because communication and other interactions become more difficult, seniors with Alzheimer’s disease may start withdrawing from the people around them. They might feel embarrassed about the changes they’re noticing. All of this can lead to even more loneliness and isolation.

Early detection and intervention is crucial when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease. The sooner families recognize what’s happening with the people they love, the sooner they can line up Alzheimer’s care to make their lives easier.

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