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A Senior Dealing with Vision Loss Could Benefit from Home Care

For those seniors who may be dealing with some type of vision loss, whether it is temporary due to surgery or other treatments or more permanent, senior home care can make a difference.
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Vision loss can affect many aspects of life. You don’t have to go completely blind to have vision-related problems impact your safety, ability to participate in various activities, or even enjoy certain aspects of life. Millions of Americans are impacted by vision challenges every year.

As people get older, the chances they will be facing some type of vision-related problems will increase. In fact, by the time a person is 80, it is almost a certainty that they will have had cataracts at least once. They will also face an increased risk of glaucoma. Macular degeneration is also a serious concern for aging Americans.

For those seniors who may be dealing with some type of vision loss, whether it is temporary due to surgery or other treatments or more permanent, senior home care can make a difference. We often don’t think about senior home care in light of issues like vision loss, but there are many benefits to turning to a professional, experienced home care provider.

1. Senior home care can assist with ADLs.

What are ADLs? Activities of Daily Living. In other words, an elderly person who is struggling with their vision might have difficulty walking around the house, especially at night or early in the morning while it is dark out. What once had been an easy activity now seems more challenging. More fraught with mishaps or potential dangers.

Whether the senior needs help getting out of bed in the morning and getting dressed, taking a shower, or even getting to a local store or doctor’s appointment, depending on the type of senior home care you choose, they may have access to transportation services, but they will certainly have the option of somebody being there for them when they need it most.

These ADLs can also include light housekeeping, preparing meals, and so forth. A senior home care aide may be able to assist with most or all of those.

2. Transportation to get to doctor visits.

As mentioned, depending on the home care agency you choose, they may offer transportation for clients to get to doctors’ appointments. For a senior who is dealing with vision-related problems, he or she may have a number of appointments on the horizon.

Some of them may be with an ophthalmologist, some with their primary care physician, and maybe others with a surgeon. All of this might be just for preparation for a surgical procedure that can help restore at least part of their vision if not all of it.

How can they get there if they have no family, their family is working and unable to take them, and they can drive on their own? Even if they never drove or used public transportation, vision challenges can make that even more difficult without proper support and assistance. That’s what senior home care can also offer.

3. Companionship is a struggle with vision loss.

When a person is dealing with vision-related challenges as they get older, they may have a tendency to withdraw from activities and friends as well as family. With a professional, experienced home care provider, though, that individual will likely have a number of strategies to draw them back out, help them reengage in life, and enjoy some companionship during the days.

4. A consistency of care.

While family is great, most people have other obligations. They may not be able to support the senior in their life at the same time every day. With a senior home care agency providing care, that consistency of care becomes possible.

Does he or she need help each morning? Or maybe late in the afternoon or evening? Perhaps just for doctors’ appointments and bathing and toileting. Whatever the schedule is, an agency can often meet the needs of those seniors looking for proper care.

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