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Dressing Tips and Tricks for Seniors With Arthritis

Home care can give seniors an idea of additional adjustments they can incorporate to make dressing easier each day.
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Everyday chores like getting dressed can get harder with age, especially for seniors who have arthritis. But dressing can be easier and more comfortable for seniors with arthritis when they have support from home care and loved ones, along with the tips and tricks introduced below. While not all these tips and tricks work in every situation, the support team can encourage seniors to try them out. Doing so may even give them an idea of additional adjustments they can incorporate to make dressing easier each day.

Choosing the Right Clothes

It all starts with choosing the right clothes. Seniors should choose clothes that are airy and made of stretchy materials that are simple to put on and take off. Also, tops with wider necks and pants with wider legs are easier to get on than those with a tighter fit. However, loved ones should monitor fit to ensure that seniors aren’t choosing clothes that are too loose, as that can cause a tripping issue. Additionally, closures with Velcro and elastic waistbands can be very helpful.

Organize Clothing

Once the right clothing is chosen, home care can help seniors organize their clothes so that they’re easy to get to. This means putting them in drawers or closets in a way that seniors don’t have to bend or stretch too much to get to them. Also, grouping clothing might be easiest for some seniors. For instance, entire outfits for the week can be set out in an organized manner, making selection quick and easy. Additionally, items that seniors wear often, such as a cardigan when they get cold, should be kept in an area where they can be accessed quickly.

Dressing Tips

As mentioned, each situation is different, but the following tips can be offered to seniors to try:

  • Break the process of dressing down into smaller, more manageable steps
  • Start with the areas that are easiest and hurt the least
  • Make sure to start dressing ahead of time to avoid frustrations and stress
  • Warm up before dressing with a few simple stretches to get the joints moving
  • Make sure the dressing area is warm, since cold temperatures can make arthritis worse
  • Be patient and try not to get discouraged
  • Stay seated for better balance


For loved ones, it’s important to be patient and listen to what seniors have to say about their concerns and tastes when it comes to clothing and how they like to dress. When possible, allow them to make their own decisions and respect their right to do so. Additionally, offer encouragement to try some of the tips above and others, so they don’t lose hope.

Helping seniors with arthritis dress themselves requires understanding, patience, and customized, useful solutions. Home care and loved ones can offer the tips and tricks above, as well as other ideas that might help seniors deal with the challenges of arthritis while still keeping their freedom and dignity. The most important thing is to be mindful of seniors’ feelings and frustrations and to be supportive at all times.

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