What our clients say about us:

My Caregiver was a very good helper, always on time, and very knowledgeable about home care. She was great with housekeeping and was an honest person. She helped me for  a little over two years, and as a disabled person my caregiver and Compassion Crest made life livable.


My Caregiver has been a great help to me and also has become a friend. She is with me six days a week at different times during the week. She is never late for her shifts and is always cheerful. We have fallen into a routine that is comfortable for both of us. My Caregiver goes beyond her job requirements almost every day. The first thing she does daily is take my dog, Sweetpea, out to go for a walk. EVERY SHIFT!! Rain, wind blowing, freezing cold or hotter than the nether world, she takes great care of my “best friend” who is the keeper of my heart. To the best of my knowledge, that is not one of the “required” daily tasks for her. It gives me great comfort to know how much my Caregiver cares for my dog. She knows what I need and is very responsible while taking care of me, both physically and mentally. We are able to talk freely with each other and share our opinions, even if they are sometimes opposing. She takes good care of the daily tasks required for the job and is cheerful doing them. As with the close relationship that is formed between caregiver and recipient, once in a while there is a “difference of what is required and what is actually done”, but by the end of my caregivers shift, problems are resolved and I’m happy to have her as my caregiver.


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Compassion Crest and my mom’s caregiver have been truly awesome! My father passed away 3 years ago and I live across the country from my elderly mother. Having Compassion Crest as a care service has been a game-changer! Whether she has appointments, needs some light cleaning, grocery shopping or gas, the support received by this company has helped ease my mind tremendously!


My Caregiver arrives on time ALWAYS! She’s a great driver. Important to me as I always need transport to Dr. Visit, scripts pick up, groceries, and shopping in general.  She is exceptionally efficient knowing what I need before having to ask. She lightens me up with humor and great fun, beautiful personality! Because of past bad experiences with other Caregivers, I am on guard. I TRUST my caregiver COMPLETELY! Because of my conditions now, limited to many things I can’t do now, she is a ray of sunshine with suggestions that have made my life happier and easier. All in all, She’s INCREDIBLE!


My caregiver is excellent. I feel so much better in her care. I’m so glad we found each other.


Jane’s husband was diagnosed with dementia, and she needed assistance with his daily activities. Compassion Crest provided a caregiver who was kind, patient, and knowledgeable about dementia care. Jane felt relieved knowing her husband was receiving the care he needed while she could take a break and tend to other responsibilities.

Susan’s mother had recently been discharged from the hospital and needed assistance with daily activities. Compassion Crest provided a caregiver who was professional, reliable, and attentive to her mother’s needs. Susan was impressed with the personalized care her mother received, and it helped her mother regain her strength and independence.

Compassion Crest assisted with my mom. The staff is wonderful and do an excellent job. I will recommend Compassion Crest in the future.


My mom is a client with Compassion Crest. R.M. is my mother caregiver. R.M. is working out very well. She’s always on time very professional and comes right in and gets started on her shift. My mom has dementia and her caregiver is so patient with her. We are so used to her we don’t want any other caregiver, I hope R.M. never leaves Compassion Crest. We love her.


Mark’s father was in hospice care, and he needed help with bathing and other activities. Compassion Crest provided an experienced hospice caregiver who was compassionate and gentle, providing comfort and support not only to Mark’s father but also to the whole family during this difficult time.

Mike’s wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and he needed help with her daily activities. Compassion Crest provided customized care that helped Mike’s wife maintain her quality of life and independence. Mike appreciated the caregiver’s compassionate and patient approach.

Sarah’s son was diagnosed with a developmental disability, and she needed help with his daily activities. Compassion Crest provided a caregiver who was experienced in caring for adult individuals with developmental disabilities, providing personalized care that helped Sarah’s son achieve his goals and live a fulfilling life. Sarah was grateful for the caregiver’s dedication and compassion.

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