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Can Seniors Drink Wine?

Always talk to a doctor before consuming alcohol because some medications should never be mixed with alcohol for various reasons.
Home Care in Henderson, NV
Home Care in Henderson, NV

Diet is a huge part of life, even for seniors. However, seniors may have spent their entire lives being strict. Now that they are retired, they want to enjoy things a little more without worrying. But can your seniors enjoy things like wine?

The truth is, there are certain pros and cons when it comes to drinking wine. If you are someone who suffers from a lot of health issues, you may want to discuss with your doctor if wine is okay for you. A doctor may inform a senior to stay clear of all alcohol. If that’s the case, you or your loved one should be staying away from alcohol for safety reasons. However, if your doctor says wine is okay in moderation, you should still know the pros and cons of drinking wine.

Pros of Enjoying Wine

When you’re out to dinner with your friends, eating at a nice restaurant, and catching up, a nice glass of wine can set the tone for the evening. Wine can pair well with food and bring back a flood of memories, creating something joyful for you to experience.

Red wine is filled with bold flavor but is also rich in antioxidants. One glass may help your body fight inflammation because of these antioxidants. The polyphenols in wine can help your heart by lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol.

Drinking one glass of wine every few months can bring joy to any conversation, and it may not be bad for your body altogether. Everything in moderation can be enjoyed, but you still need the okay from your doctor. Understanding what wine can do to your body is important and how it may interact with certain medications is essential.

If your loved one needs help managing medications and drinks, this is something that home care can help with. Home care can remind your loved one when to take medications. They can advise them to take medications earlier than usual if they know a senior is going out to dinner, where they may drink a glass of wine. This style of medication management can help your loved one enjoy the night but stay healthy while aging in place.

Cons of Drinking Wine

Too much of anything can be bad for you. More than one glass can cause an inebriated state, and this can make it challenging to do things like get ready for bed or even just get home. One glass may be fine, but self-control is needed to drink out with friends.

Unfortunately, seniors may not carry enough water in their bodies to begin with. So, when they start drinking wine, their bodies may not be able to dilute the alcohol as well as it used to, and this can cause them to hold onto the alcohol and become more tipsy than you think they should be.

Medications can be dangerous while drinking, even with wine. Your loved one, or you, should be managing your health. Oftentimes, this comes with medications. It is always important to talk to a doctor because some medications should never be mixed with alcohol for various reasons. If you don’t have to take medications every day, it may be fine to have a glass of red wine. However, if you have to take something every day, you should avoid all alcohol, especially if your doctor recommends it.

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