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Expert Bath Safety Tips For Seniors

Home care services can help to prevent bathroom falls for your senior parent. Here are some other safety tips as well.
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January is Bath Safety Month, which means now is a fantastic time to make sure that your senior parent is safe when they bathe at home. Seniors living independently is the norm now, but family members still worry about their senior parents falling and getting seriously hurt when they’re alone.

And that’s a valid worry. Every year, 80% of the seniors that fall in their homes fall in the bathroom. One thing that you can do to help prevent bathroom falls is to have home care for your senior parent. With home care, seniors won’t be alone in the home. They can get help whenever they need it.

You should also use these bath safety tips from senior health experts to make sure that your senior parent is as safe as possible when they are bathing, using the bathroom, or washing up.

Install Non-Slip Flooring

Replace any slippery flooring with non-slip alternatives, such as textured tiles or rubber mats. This is especially important in areas prone to water splashes, like near the shower or bathtub. Using non-slip rugs outside the bathroom can also help prevent slips. Just make sure that rugs or mats are stuck firmly to the floor so that they won’t slip, wrinkle, or become a fall hazard. You can also use a textured paint-like substance that will add texture to the existing floor to make it less slippery.

Grab Bars and Rails are Not Optional

Install grab bars and handrails strategically throughout the bathroom. Place them near the toilet, shower, and bathtub to provide seniors with stable support when sitting down, standing up, or moving in and out of the bathing area. Ensure the bars are securely anchored to the wall and can bear the weight of an individual. The best thing that you can do to help your senior parent avoid falling in the bathroom is to install grab bars anywhere your senior parent needs some extra stability or help.

Make Sure the Shower has No Step

Stepping in and out of a slippery shower can be dangerous for seniors. The best showers and tubs are walk-ins with no ledge or step. If a step can’t be avoided make it a ramp-like step that is easy for your senior parent to navigate and make is slip-proof. Showers should also have built-in benches for seniors who find it difficult to stand for a long time.

Change the Toilet Seat

A raised toilet seat can make it easier for seniors to sit down and stand up. It reduces the strain on joints and muscles and is a simple modification that significantly improves bathroom safety.

Install Motion Lights

Bright motion-activated lights will help seniors avoid tripping in the bathroom. And, because the lights will go on as soon as your senior parent enters the bathroom they won’t have to fumble in the dark looking for the light switch.

Make Storage Easy to Reach

Rearrange bathroom storage to keep commonly used items within easy reach. This prevents seniors from needing to stretch or bend excessively, reducing the risk of accidents. Use shelf organizers and other products so that products aren’t all crowded together. Consider putting a different colored tape on each type of product so that your senior parent can tell products apart easily.

Turn the Water Heater Down

Set the water heater to a lower temperature to avoid scalding accidents. Hot water can be very soothing, but a jet of scalding water can burn your senior parent, damage their skin, or startle them and make them fall in the bathroom.

Install Motion Activated Faucets

Knob faucets can be tough for seniors to turn on and off. Replace them with motion-activated faucets that will turn on when seniors move their hands under the faucet. These faucets also turn off automatically, so there’s no chance your senior parent will leave the faucet on and cause a flood.

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