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Alzheimer’s Care Helps Detect Early Signs of Dementia

Early Signs of Dementia: Alzheimer's Care Las Vegas NV
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If you are the caregiver of an aging loved one, one concern you may have has to do with his memory. Is he aging normally with his forgetfulness and inability to learn new tasks or is it something more serious like Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It affects behavior, thinking, and the most commonly known symptom, memory. It often starts slowly and then gets to a point where you might need an Alzheimer’s care provider to help you with daily tasks.

But is it time to hire an Alzheimer’s care provider yet? Is your loved one just having normal cognitive struggles, or have they gotten to the point where an Alzheimer’s care provider can step in and help him live independently with a bit of assistance? Let’s look at five key areas you can observe to help you know what future steps you should take in the care of your loved one.

Inability to Get to Familiar Places

If your loved one has lived in the same home for decades and gone to the same grocery store for decades but now recently has gotten lost on his way home several times, it might be time to have a medical evaluation. It’s not uncommon for the elderly to get lost when given new directions or if having to take a new route, but there might be a concern if your loved one can no longer remember how to get somewhere that he’s always traveled to.

Struggling to Complete Everyday Tasks

Does your loved one have a pile of unpaid bills on his desk when in earlier years he never once had a late bill? It might be that paying bills, keeping track of a bank account, and bringing them to the post office has become too complicated. Your loved one might even find he can’t follow a simple recipe right in front of him because he can’t remember if he completed the step before.

Profound Memory Loss

Everyone forgets some things sometimes. If your loved one’s memory loss is affecting his daily life and causing stress or anxiety, it might be a sign of dementia. Look for signs of forgotten important dates like birthdays or holidays or forgotten appointments because of confusion about what day or month it is. Forgetting a word here or there is normal, but forgetting how to form an entire sentence is much more serious.

Poor Judgment

Again, everyone sometimes makes a poor choice, but those with the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease will increase in wrong choices and making wise decisions. They are more likely to fall into scams or make purchases of items that they don’t need or are way out of their budget.

Withdrawal From Others

Being unable to have a conversation or feeling consistently confused may cause your loved one to withdraw from events and people that he used to enjoy. It can also lead to depression for many who are experiencing the beginning symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering Alzheimer’s Care in Las Vegas, NV please contact the caring staff at Compassion Crest Home Care.

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